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Christina Lekati

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Social Engineering Security Trainer & Consultant



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Christina Lekati is a psychologist with a long history in cyber security. She is an expert on the human element of cyber-attacks, social engineering, and in open-source intelligence.

Christina Lekati has trained and educated thousands of people around the globe on current security issues, social engineering and intelligence collection & analysis.

Christina Lekati specializes in people profiling through social media and combines this with her knowledge of the modus operandi of attackers. She helps clients and audiences identify their vulnerabilities and protect themselves against cyber threats.

With her skills in open-source intelligence, she also conducts high-value target & corporate vulnerability assessments. She is working with Cyber Risk GmbH as a social engineering expert consultant and trainer.

Christina is frequently invited as a speaker or keynote speaker at cyber-security events around the globe. Her presentations combine the art of storytelling with science, research, and her own professional experience.

She is also an Executive Board Member at the OSINT Curious project, contributing regularly to the international scene of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).

"I combine the art of storytelling with science, research, and my own professional experience.“

What makes me stand out?

I make it my personal mission to deliver presentations that audiences enjoy, find interesting, and learn from.

My audiences are most often well entertained and develop an interest in the topics I present. They gain practical knowledge & skills that they can apply in their working environments. They learn about current news, threats and updates from our field of cybersecurity, they are better able to inform their cybersecurity plan and strategy, and more.


Popular lectures

1. Information Security Is Up Against Weaponized Psychology

Social Engineering has become one of the most effective and efficient attack methods used to initiate and enable cyber attacks. We read in the news about large-scale security violations, where investigators are not able to understand the phase of initiation. Most often, a social engineering attack is involved. By design, this is the type of attack that moves in the shadows, delivered by criminals and state-sponsored agents that are able to blend in multiple environments and often leave no trace, making it very difficult to identify the point of initial compromise. Similar to warfare operations, these threat actors strive to create an asymmetrical advantage based on a carefully planned strategy.

Cybersecurity today is not only a technical challenge.

It is also a behavioural challenge. As long as executives, managers and employees can provide access to critical assets, systems, and data, attackers will be targeting them through social engineering schemes in order to acquire this access. Those who have access to technology and organizational assets have also become responsible for protecting those assets. Do you or your colleagues make the perfect target?

Weaponized psychology has started becoming a tool employed to infiltrate organizations in the public and private sectors, steal sensitive information, recruit insiders, and help attackers breach organizational security.

This talk provides insights on the mechanisms and the methodology of today’s elaborate social engineering attacks and explains the increasingly growing threat of weaponized psychology. It will also discuss how attackers elicit information that assists them in initiating or delivering an attack. The talk will include case studies and lessons learned on the use of weaponized psychology from the fields of business and human intelligence operations (HUMINT) in social engineering and in recruiting insider threats, as well as what makes some targets more attractive than others.

2. How Attackers Profile & Target Key People Through Social Media

3. The Behavioral Science Influencing Your Cybersecurity Culture


Keynote Presentation For SecIT by Heise (2021, studio live streaming) – Hannover, Germany

Title : “The Behavioral Science Influencing Your Cybersecurity Culture”

PwC Cybersecurity & Privacy Days – “Information Security Is Up Against Weaponized Psychology”

DEF CON Social Engineering Village - “Judging By The Cover” (virtual):

Elbsides – “When Your Biggest Threat Is On Your Payroll: Drivers & Enablers Of Insider Threats”



cyber security, digital transformation, cybersecurity company culture, executive cybersecurity awareness, social engineering, open-source intelligence, data protection, cyber psychology, cybercrime, cyber threat landscape



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