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Peter Jähne

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Brain-Behavior Researcher, Explorer & Experimentor



Keynote, Moderation, Panel, Training, Coaching



English, German, Spanish



For 30 years, Peter Jähne has been facinated with neuro-psycho-emotional profiling. He applies behavior and brain science to all corporate advisory services on operational excellence and strategic competitive initiatives. The over in-depth 5.000 experiences with a myriad of minds/brains have given him tremendous insights and enlightenment to how risk, courage, fear, empathy and other emotional elements are the critical factor for efficiency and success.

He gives keynotes and workshops at international forums, corporate in-house talks to all levels of management, and run training and coaching sessions in all continents with an emphasis on translating objectives into the neuro-psycho-emotional matrix. It is about assessing the brain’s capability and stamina of a person against the brain-behavior requirements of the job for peak impact, not just performance. At Air Adventure Flying Club Subang he is a trainer and coach and works as Chief Neuro-Pilot Assessor.

Peter Jähne's neuro-science insights, his understanding of the corporate world and his multi-cultural exposure in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, the USA and Europe lead his brain to be ready, willing and able to deal with the new, complex, unexpected and unknown. This mechanism is what he will bring to others so that every individual can self-motivate and self-direct their transformation vis-à-vis any goal.

"You will realize that the brain is the core of everything a person, a society and an organization wants to achieve!“

What makes me stand out?

I embody everything I talk about with authentic spice, rhythmic adventure, eccentric mystery, temperamental surprise, gentle intrigue and deep passion.


Popular lectures

1. Work-life balance? or juggling with resilience

There is no measurable work-life balance. It is a great terminology, but it doesn’t represent the daily ‘circus act’ we are in, juggling.

This multi-situational coordination of things we do, people we deal with, the constant chasing and being chased, the goals of learning and development we plan for ourselves within very precise time, space and opportunity dimension is all about juggling.

Being overwhelmed is the result of our brain not having the required stamina. Our attitude and behavior with anxieties, tension, stress taking center stage is constant. Juggling our daily ‘balls’ (known and new ones – ours and that of others) is not in harmony, not rhythmical, not falling nicely in place and time as needed but chaotically.

Bringing the brain and therefore our mind to be able to juggle with the physical and non-physical (ideas, wishes, dreams) elements of our daily life in a sustainable way is possible. For this, we need to understand and then manage our brain. We need to comprehend how we have been programmed and then take charge of this current mental operating mechanism to be able to realign and calibrate it in order have true self-control. Basically, the pre-frontal cortex over the amygdalae.

I will translate complex neuro-science with its psycho-emotional drivers in a language so that you can apply ‘aha and wow’ solutions to yourself and to others, be it at work, at home or in any other environment and situation you will be in.

The brain is the ultimate frontier. Brain it on!

2. Diversity & Inclusion: stop teasing!

3. Mental Health @ Work: ISO 45003 + Neurocentric People Enrichment


Customer feedback

Peter's training has been the most impactful training I have ever experienced. Attending executive education at Harvard was top notch and so were INSEAD and London School of Business, but Peter's training touched me. His insights into the workings of the human mind and how these can be used to better understand how to interview others have changed my view of how things work and do not work in human interaction.

Dr. Erik Elgersma, Director & Founder, Strategic Analysis Services BV Former Director of Strategic Analysis, FrieslandCampina UA

I engaged with Peter as one of our prime speakers and workshop leaders. His cross-industry and cross-continent interdisciplinary knowhow and innovative approach to relate core strategic/intelligence dimensions in a future-oriented scenarios as they apply to the mindset to reach goals, was always inspirational and of bottom-line value. And today, Peter and I are still thinking and working in non-linear ways to achieve and impact beyond the norm of doing business. I highly recommend Peter as a technically bright and a most creative professional. He is a true right-brain/left brain person who can bring very interesting ideas to any issue! Nannete Bulger, former President & CEO of SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals)

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I had the pleasure of meeting Peter at a SCIP conference and discussing at length his innovative approach to behavioral development. The stories behind his methodology show it is not theory, but a practical approach to dealing with the myriad changes we (and our teams) experience daily in today's world. If you want to change your company's core approach to dealing with change and adversity, or want to get your team to fundamentally embrace a way to more positively meet challenges and succeed, it would be worth your time engaging Peter. Jay Nakagawa, Director Competitive Intelligence, DELL Technologies

Last November, 2021, I was extremely pleased to have Peter on stage at our Talking About Innovation speaker event in Bielefeld, Germany as he shared his insights into the Future of Work from a behavioral science perspective. Particularly refreshing was his advocacy for psychologically safe work environments as a fundament for fostering trust and positive, productive team mindsets. If employees know they are "permitted" to take risks, make, and learn from their errors, they are more likely to unlock and access their creative outlets and spark true innovation. Peter's exuberant engagement with the onsite audience, coupled with his expertise in the science of creativity and embracing such seemingly non-linear approaches, was a welcomed breath of fresh air to our ecosystem.

Marie-Andrée Barthelemy, Producer/Director, Talking About Innovation Speaker Series Open Innovation City Bielefeld, Germany


Peter Jähne introduction video - in English

Diversity and inclusion - in English

People and the future - in English

Open Innovation City Bielefeld - New Work VS. New You - in German



People and Future: Work & Family, Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health in the Workplace (ISO 45003)



- Editorial for the monthly Leadership Digest magazine for civil servants of the Sarawak, Malaysia government since April 2020

- Open-source book: The Momentartist

Speaker Boutique - The Momentarist - (c) Peter Jähne

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