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Ricardo Cabete

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Emotional Intelligence Expert



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Ricardo Cabete is EQ Global Keynote Speaker, helping corporate leaders engage their teams by using Emotional Intelligence and Employee Engagement skills through unique talks, masterclasses, and executive coaching.

His approach is to deliver simple practical science based tools, techniques and daily habits that drive engagement and high performance.

"A former rock band lead singer who travels the world helping corporate leaders engage their teams.“

What makes me stand out?

Emotions drive people, people drive results. I love to create a lasting impact! Every Keynote or Masterclass is interactive, insightful, and has surprising elements that make them memorable. You might hear me sing or see fire on stage. In one of my Keynotes, I take the audience on a Crime Investigation. Get ready to feel engaged!


Popular lectures

1. The Master of Emotions

How Top Leaders Manage Emotions to Boost Results The World Economic Forum considers Emotional Intelligence skills, like resilience, stress tolerance, or flexibility, crucial for people and business success. EQ Skills are a competitive advantage that makes organizations and individuals stand out and reach high performance. In this Keynote you will discover why Leaders need to be Masters of Emotions.

YOUR AUDIENCE WILL BE ABLE TO: - Apply Emotional Intelligence Strategies to Engage Teams - Manage Emotions at Work to Boost Productivity - Use Science-Backed Techniques to Reach High Performance

2. The Engagement Sherlock Holmes - The Hidden Drivers of Employee Engagement

3. Emotionally Intelligent Communication - Communication Secrets that Create Empathy and High Performance


Customer feedback

"Ricardo is one of those rare speakers that combine great content with great performance. If you are looking for original, passionate, impactful content on using emotional intelligence to increase employee engagement, Ricardo is the man."

Maria Franzoni, Former Agent and Speaker Bureau Owner, MFL Global

"Ricardo is a very empathetic and engaging speaker! I was surprised by the depth and realness of his talk! He gave me practical tools to manage emotions in both personal and professional environments. It was a very motivating and enriching experience!"

Joana Côrte Real, Medical Affairs Director, Novartis

"Our people loved it! Relevant and practical insights."

Gustavo Barreto, Chief Commercial Officer, Ageas


Ricardo Cabete - EQ Global Keynote Speaker Showreel - in English

Emoções: O manual de instruções | Ricardo Cabete | TEDxIST - in Portuguese

Ricardo Cabete - Press the Button - D59 Spring 2017 International Speech Contest - Winning Speech - in English



Emotional Intelligence, Employee Engagement, Leadership, Motivation

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